Our Identity & Core values

Our values are structured around four pillars QUALITY & TIMELINESS Quality, safety, and respect for deadlines are part of Jbritania’s “DNA” and form the basis of any contractual commitment to our customers and partners.
Raising awareness of security and safety measures and requirements is at the heart of our daily life both internally and externally because we understand that a lack of inattention can be fatal and endanger the vital interests of all co-contracting parties. The instructions and requirements regarding scrupulous observation of security and safety measures are required and permanently reminded to employees by the QHSE managers and the various supervisors who are omnipresent on the sites during the execution of the work.
Our charter is summarized under the prism of the promotion of ethical values, integrity, and the fight against corruption and fraud which are scourges that plague our society. This code promotes the encouragement and respect of confidentiality, professional secrecy, the declaration of conflicts of interest when they occur, and good practices in professional relations with our clients, partners, and employees.
Our R&D department is very attentive to trends in evolution and innovation and works tirelessly to anticipate its leadership in new technologies that can facilitate the execution of projects thanks to the good mastery of the engineering of solid and fluid materials. We understand in terms of innovation, that there is a dialectic that operates automatically.
  1. New technologies make it possible to tackle challenges by anticipating the future which provides a competitive advantage over other competitors in the same business segment
  2. Furthermore, any innovation leads to changes within the company, which is not always easy to impose because of the resilience of employees who very often are comfortable with existing routines. Therefore, we keep an open mind to possible changes by putting the customer at the center of the approach.