Transport & Global Supply Chain

There are many burdens at every stage of transportation of goods running from cargo retention by carrier to cargo arrest by state authorities or facing contentious matter of Demurrage, Lay time, cargo forced storage, absence of Bill of Lading or Deviation etc.

We work on a project basis by exploring all legal aspects of the transport and procurement process, analysing the principles underlying the process at all stages identifying all relevant parties and their respective rights and obligations

  • Our experts handle negotiations with various stakeholders including containers regarding demurrage, laytime, loss of cargo and storage costs for unclaimed cargo
  • We assist in drafting a universal agreement on freight forwarding or other services in cargo transportation or handling equipment purchase under reliable Terms & Conditions
  • Our Local lawyers aim to secure appeal against awards and actions of customs and other state authorities;
  • We assist in drafting clients own bespoke Bill of Lading and review other shipment documents
  • We ensure effective Debt recovery from clients and damage recovery from other subcontractors
  • Our International consultants and local advisors ensure the defence of our client’s interests at the many Gulf of Guinea and foreign courts and arbitrations upon Litigation & Arbitration matters.
  • We provide effective consultancy regarding the following matters:
  • Cargo retention by carriers/ state authorities
  • Cargo insurance
  • Freight forwarder carrier/Charter parties’ contracts, Time/Voyage Charter, and terminal liability insurance
  • Subrogation and recourse recovery
  • Loss, shortage and damage of cargo;